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Selling Stuff

Wanna buy some genuine RBK kit ?

Washburn Bantam XB-500 5-String Active Bass £250

I've been gigging with this for years now and it has never let me down, but I'm upgrading at long last so it's time to let it go.
It has a few little dents in line with what you'd expect, but nothing too noticable.
Oh, and it's gloss black with shiny silver hardware.
Great tone, and the low B really makes the room shake...

Original price was around £500, so I'm after £250.

Behringer Bass V-Amp £50

Hardly used except in practices. This is an effects unit and amp modeller for Bass guitar. It has tons of different amp settings and FX and is the Behringer equivalent to a Line 6 Bass POD.
can be used with an amp as an FX unit or direct to the PA as a complete replacement for an amp... no more lugging heavy kit around to gigs.
Comes with foot pedals and gig bag.

Will also sell together with Bass for £280

Behringer Guitar V-Amp Pro (Rackmount) £80

Rackmount guitar version of Behringer's POD clone.
The rackmount version features extra XLR and digital outputs which make it ideal for home recording and live use.
This has been used for live gigs in the past producing some massively heavy sounds without the use of an amplifier.
In one particular gig I was even able to produce and control feedback using it.... that's just through the PA, no onstage amp!! Gotta love that.
Anyway, I've been playing bass rather than guitar for a while now so I simply don't need it anymore.
Originally paid £170 for it. Has one missing knob (can still be operated), but otherwise in tip top condition, hence will take £80 for it.

Postage at cost on all items... prefer collection for Bass guitar.

Any Takers ?
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