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We'd love to play more gigs in London but we've currently almost hit the brick wall with most promoters. We just got refused a gig in Antilight London because they don't think we will bring in a large crowd. So unless you guys go and talk to some of them, we won't be able to play London.

If you like to help and need promo packs etc. Let me know.

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Where did you see us play, btw? was it at the dev?
You just need to tell the promoters ;)

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That just sucks ass - how did they make that judgement though, did they say?

I would be ahppy to help as you know - I'll try my best to get word out.

What about Spitz? Have you asked them or thought about doing so?

I could suggest it if you want.
First they said we were a dance act (judging only by one track which is a re-mix by someone else) on that CD. Then after we told them that's just a re-mix they started talking about us not being band and then saying can you bring in a crowd of 300 in?! we really didn't get treated well by them.
Apart from nick ransom who else books bands for Spitz?
If you do go to antilight though could you please tell them you like to see us play there..
I don;t know Nick Ransom, but my boss has played some gigs there that I attended and I will ask him, though they are a dfferent musical genre but I'll ask who would be the best person to contact and see what I can do.

I'll be going to Antilight as Rob wants to see Bloody Mary so I will indeed tell them I want to see you guys play there and that judging by a gig I have previously attended [evidence!] and from the crowd's enthusiasm it would be easy to get a large crowd. I mean, not like the corwd was that big last time was it? And with each month, they will get in more and more larger crowds as the club increases in popularity so logically there shouldn't be a problem in my opinion.

So are you guys happy to play the Dev again though?

damn. I just typed the reply but lj decided to NOT post it!
Anyway, I was saying thanks for the help. Pleaselet us know about the spitz and it'd be great if you talk to antilight crew on our behalf.
And re the Dev, we love to play there again. Do you go there at al? can you ask them about booking us?
Well I'd make the trip to London for you more likely than I would for Bloody Mary.
yeah me too! ;)
Something will come along hons :)
Have you been in touch with Martin Oldgoth who runs Insanitorium in Colchester he has a lot of contacts in the promoter world and has organised tours for people like The Last Dance.

Also nils might be worth contacting with some promo stuff ...

Anything I can do, though now I'm far away in Sheffield now then let me know ...

Looks unlikely I can get down to Winchester, but if you can get a weekend London gig I'll be down and be willing to spread the word as best I can online etc ...
Have you guys tried venues like The Hope and Anchor or the Bull and Gate?

I'd love to see you guys play again (the last gig at the Dev got me hooked on your music!) and will offer my services in spreading the word in any way that I can beyond badgering my friends to listen to the CD ^_^
We played at the hope & anchor once and it's simply not suitable for RBK. The stage is too small and the sound is terrible due to low ceiling, etc.
Where is Bull and Gate? Might try the dev again...
It's Kentish Town sweetie x