Layla (daevas) wrote in rbkisses,

You miss us yet?

Hands up who can make the Winchester gig on 21st of May?

This should be blast since we have been bottling up all the girly bounciness and the dolls are getting restless!!

So, Winchester 21st of May RBK play at the Railway Inn.
For those of you not familiar with the venue, it's a few steps from the railway station and that means it's very easy to get to from most places including London!

We're headlining which means a longer set if you ask nicely! ;)

Please come along and dance the night away with real and imaginary dollies :)
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We miss you too! I'll be there I hope. Yay! (am slighty worried that seeing you headlining may not be too compatible with catching the last train home, but we'll see what happens!)
I know .. I was thinking about you when I posted the headline bit! what time is the latest for you. I think the evening probably finishes at 11:00 but I can have words with the promoter, etc.
Wah! Just looked at trains website - No trains at all that day - must be engineering works or something (which also happened the last two RBK gigs in Winchester I went to. I think the trains hate me!) I'll just have to hope I can find someone with a car who wants to take me.
Damn :/ our guyitarist is from Basingstoke so he coul drive you up as far as there but that's not good enough is it? Grrrr
Where is home?
I can't :/ already got something planned and Winchester is too far for me to travel at the mo lol

BTW I asked a bar guy about a possible gig at that pub - themanager wasn't there thogh - and after examining the space, or rather no space they had lol I had second thoughts and the bar guy agreed coz they literally do not have a large space and it's cerrtainly smaller than the Dev , that pulpit bit too is too crampy and no space no equipment etc.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for any other venues though ;)

How was the gig at Spitz?
ah.. that's a shame. :(
we seriously need some London gigs... there is a new night called Antilight opened at KoKo camden. We're going there on Saturday. It'd srun by DJ Angel, we'd love to play a gig there.. or purple turtle or maybe the dev again.. can you help?

The gig at the Spitz was FANTASTIC!
oooh we're going to that! Well we were talking about going but I really want to go, and see Killing Miranda so we probably will - we may possibly take our time eating and may even an early eveningisg movie before it though seeing as they're on after 11pm ish. Not sure baout the move yet though.

I'd love to help if I can - we can talk about it on Saturday!
I should be there along with some conscripts.
Excellent.. Nice one :) the more the merrier :)
I actually thought this was on Friday and was all ready to go...
ahh.. :)
you're a star!
arrghh tempting arrghh its a Sunday if it was a Sat it would be a def! Now if I can get that Monday off mmmmm ... and sort cheapish train tickets ourt mmm and any good B&B's in Winchester mmmm

Or you got more dates limned up or you still hunting more band memebers!
We'd love to see you there.. I'm trying to see if you can sort out crash space for some peeps..

No more confirmed dates ter but the headline is now complete :)
Damnit. My birthday and my pub - and i will be in wales :'(

next time xxx
oh no :(
would have loved to have seen you again and have a chat this time ;)
yeah its silly when i live in (near) southampton too.

My degree finishes in the end of may, theres a long summer of drinking dancing and pretty clothes to be had!
oh! I thought you lived in Wales??!! we saw you at our newport gig and that's why I assumed you live there.
So, hopefully you can make it to some of our future gigs in the area! YAY for dressing up and fun :)
yeah i do :)

hee hee i grew up in southampton and my parents live here so i spend half my time here. i study in wales. When thats all over next month i'm back home x
I should eb able to make it...
wooohayyy :)

Roll on May 21st ... xxxx